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Approximate calculation
Online calculator is a simple and effective tool, which facilitates cost planning. However, it should be remembered that the results The calculations here are approximate. In fact, the consumption of materials and the cost of work depends on the mass of individual factors. If you want to know the value of the costs for certain jobs, with a high You can contact us for detailed information. consultations.
Also you can get acquainted with the recommendations for the calculation of the drainage system Aquasystem.

Specify the type of roof

Size of the house

Specify the parameters for calculating the house with T-shaped roof (mansard type)
Length of cornice overhang A, m
Length of cornice overhang B, m
Distance from the eaves to the ground, m
Length of cornice overhang D, m
Length of cornice overhang E, m
Length of cornice overhang F, m
Length of cornice overhang G, m
Slope length, m
House with a T-shaped roof (mansard type)